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The law doesn’t require you to use a customs broker to clear your merchandise. Customs brokers must hold a license from U.S. Customs and Border Protection to represent importers in CBP transactions. You can work with either an independent customs broker or customs brokerage firm.

On average, a customs clearance takes less than 24 hours to complete. However, the inspection process can take several days or weeks, depending on the number and type of imported products. Therefore, it is essential to plan and allow for additional time if necessary.

Yes, a shipment can be held by Customs even after it has passed clearance if the documentation contains mistakes or is missing critical information. This can cause delays in getting your shipment delivered, so it’s essential to ensure the necessary documentation is in order before submitting it to customs.

You need to pay import duties if you’re exporting goods from the United States. The amount of duty you need to pay depends on the type of goods you’re shipping and the country you’re exporting them to. You can find more information on import duties by contacting your local customs office.


Where do I need to go through the customs process?

Most countries in Europe are part of the European Union and there is no customs process when crossing the border. The few exceptions are: the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Kingdom of Norway and USA. Moving goods to or from any of these countries requires a proper customs declaration and all the related documentation. Luckily the process is similar for each of the mentioned countries. To know more, please click the registration button above.

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The purpose of customs clearance is to ensure that all applicable import duties and taxes are paid and that goods comply with all relevant regulations. To clear customs, businesses or individuals must provide detailed information about the shipment, including its value, origin, destination, and contents. 


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